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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finishing

Exposed Aggregate concrete is the best anti-slip concrete surfaces. The pebbles or quarry cut stones act like a grip to your feet, but will be smooth enough that it will not hurt your bare feet. One of the best finishes for when you need a gripping surface. Exposed Aggregate Finishing is a result of spraying the concrete surface with a special retarder, which will slow the curing process of the cement. The concrete will then be washed of with a presure washer or water blaster to reveal pebble or quarry cut stone. For longer protection of your new exposed aggregated concrete we will acid wash and seal the concrete to leave the perfect exposed aggregate concrete. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finishing

It is ideal for:

Exposed Aggregated Driveway
Patios Exposed Aggregated patio
Pool Decks Exposed Aggregated Pool Deck Sidewalks Exposed Aggregated Sidewalks
Stairs Exposed Aggregated Stairs